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Richard Rhem enjoying a sermon by Marcus J. Borg at Christ Community Church.

John Dominic Crossan discussing a Religion & Life weekend with Richard Rhem

Richard Rhem unveiling a David LeClaire photograph of Duncan Littlefair

Huston Smith, Richard Rhem and Duncan Littlefair in the courtyard of Christ Community Church during a Religion & Life weekend

Hans Küng and Richard Rhem at the University of Michigan after a 1983 seminar by Prof. Küng on "Paradigm Change in Theology"

Hans Küng and Richard Rhem in 1981

Marcus Borg & Richard Rhem, Lent, 2000

Richard Rhem in 1984

Richard Rhem at home

Richard Rhem at Marco Island, Florida, '75

Richard Rhem Painting by George Postmus
© 2004 by the artist, George M. Postmus PSA. Original in the George and Mary Postmus private collection. Any other use is not intended without the expressed written consent of the artist.

Richard Rhem Preaching at Christ Community Church

Richard Rhem with Kids at Christ Community Church